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12 billion dollars were spent in the year 2013 on cosmetic surgeries across the United States. This is a large sum that covered both invasive and non-invasive procedures of cosmetic surgery.

Developments of new technologies that are non-invasive have greatly contributed to this increase of cosmetic surgeries with over 5 billion dollars being spent on this. Of all the procedures, there are some that really stood out in popularity with the following being top five:


This is the removal of fat that has deposited on the skin surface using a suction machine and a needle inserted at a punctured point on the skin. A current improvement form of liposuction is known as lipoplasty.

Lipoplasty is very much like liposuction in that they both remove stubborn fat from arms, hips, neck, calves and buttocks among many other areas. However, unlike liposuction that works to remove solid fat, lipoplasty liquefies the stubborn fat using sound frequency before removing it with a gentle suction machine.

Breast Augmentation

This is the enlargement of a woman’s breasts. It is done by insertion of silicon or saline filled implants at the area around the breast. The changes are evident as people can notice the increase of cleavage in a woman. Though most of these surgeries are done to increase the breast size for aesthetics, some procedures aim to balance the breasts where one breast is smaller than the other.

Eye lid surgery

Even though this kind of surgery was not popular in the past, its popularity continues to grow in the last couple of years. Eyelid surgery is also known as blepharoplasty and is a procedure that removes extra skin, muscle or fat to correct drooping eyelids, eye bags and even wrinkles around the eyes. Many clients are said to look years younger after the surgery.

Tummy Tuck

For most women, especially after child birth, getting the ideal flat stomach is a nightmare; the stomach will just not go back to its original size. This has led to a large number of women to go for this procedure that removes excess fat and or skin and tightens the stomach muscles to leave a flat toned mid-area. Of course maintenance of this flat belly will require regular exercises and a proper low calories diet.

Nose Surgery

This is also known as rhinoplasty and is the reshaping of the nose to change the size, the distance between the eyes and nose or the lips and nose. It is a plastic surgery that has grown in popularity over the years in both men and women. In 2012, 33% of rhinoplasty surgeries were performed on men while the rest were on women. The good thing about this surgery is that it can alter a person’s look with just a little snip and tuck. Check out rhinoplasty nyc and nose job nyc.

Even though the plastic surgery has grown in popularity, it is important to always work with a qualified surgeon as plastic surgery that ought to be good can quickly turn into a nightmare. Ensure the surgeon of your choice is accredited by the American society of plastic surgeons, has lots of experience and there are good reviews of his work. Please visit http://